Free Mentorship for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you a young and aspiring entrepreneur ready to make a difference in the world? We believe in empowering the next generation of business leaders, and have developed a free mentorship program tailored to support your unique journey.

The Program

Our goal is to provide you with the guidance and resources you need to turn your passion into a thriving business, regardless of your financial circumstances. By participating in our mentorship program, you'll receive:

  • Four monthly one-on-one sessions with a dedicated mentor
  • Personalized advice tailored to your specific business needs
  • Insights into effective social media marketing strategies
  • Access to a supportive network of fellow mentees

To ensure the success and effectiveness of our mentorship program, we have established the following requirements for applicants:

  1. Applicants must be between 16 and 26 years old before applying.

  2. Those chosen must be willing to engage fully in the mentorship program, including attending all scheduled sessions.

  3. Must be in the early stages of their business or have an existing business that is not yet profitable.

  4. Proficient in spoken and written English to ensure clear and effective mentor communication.

  5. Able to commit to the duration of their program, including monthly meetings with their mentor.

The Summer 2023 Cohort Opens Soon!

Toy Soldier Marketing will soon be seeking mentors for our Summer 2023 cohort. If you have a passion for guiding young entrepreneurs and want to make a difference in their lives, we would love to have you join our team. You can choose the amount of time you dedicate to our program, and will be compensated for your work.

Summer 2023 COHORT
Corporate Sponsorships are Opening Soon
We will soon be seeking corporate sponsors who share our vision of empowering young entrepreneurs.

By becoming a sponsor, your company will play a crucial role in supporting opportunities for our aspiring business owners. Your brand will gain recognition for its commitment to fostering innovation within the entrepreneurial community, and help impact the lives of young entrepreneurs.