Welcome to the Toy Soldier Marketing Portfolio.

Here, you can explore our accomplishments in the world of organic marketing.

The mission to
20 Million Views

After Oberlo was aquired by Shopify in 2017, I was hired to build a ground up marketing strategy that would attract eager new users to the app.

After a deep demographic analysis, I launched a social strategy relying on innovative "edutainment" and authentic community management that would captivate both GenZ and Millennials alike without relying on low-effort meme content to farm empty views.

My TikTok strategy grew the channel from 0 to 120,000 followers in under 9 months, pulling in 20 million views- more than all other socials combined.

Dozens of
Influencer Partnerships

After Shopify shut down Oberlo, I was hired to launch a series of marketing experiments targeting aspiring small business owners around the world.

I led a team of talented designers and operations managers to launch one of Shopify's first ever influencer gifting campaigns, codenamed "Boxify."

Boxify received over 1 million views, multiple future iterations, and helped us forge relationships with dozens of incredible influencers and creators.

Ground Up
Social Strategy

During my final year at the company, I was given the opportunity to design a ground up social strategy for Shopify's Reddit, TikTok, and Twitch accounts.

For Reddit, I focused on leveraging real world case studies, offering user support, and "Ask Me Anything" sessions with the world's most well known entrepreneurs.

Well versed in TikTok's hunger for snackable content, I created a strategy that leveraged "edutaining" videos including store owner interviews, influencers, and small business hacks.

For Twitch, I recognized the unique opportunity we had to tap into a brand new audience, leaning deep into sponsorship concepts, Q&A's, and original ASMR order packing content.

Toy Soldier Marketing

A couple months before my five year anniversary, I found myself hit with an unexpected layoff. Like thousands of fellow colleagues who had met the same fate earlier that year, it sparked something special.

It was almost a decade ago when I first founded Toy Soldier Marketing in college. It was put on hold when I was offered a job at Shopify, but my passion for helping businesses grow has never faded.

With half a decade of new experience and millions of views under my belt, I'm excited to once again bring my unique set of skills to businesses in need. Welcome to Toy Soldier Marketing.